Meet Our Leadership Team

Manty Biring

Manty is a serial entrepreneur and visionary that has established a strong track record of developing viable business models, particularly in the online marketplace. With years of experience in product marketing, online advertising, and conversion optimization, Manty brings a powerful toolkit to help accelerate growth and customer acquisition. His boundless curiosity allows him to fearlessly approach business challenges with a unique perspective and develop online monetization strategies. Manty strongly believes in maintaining a growth mindset and constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Sundeep Rana

Sundeep is a consummate business technologist that has established a strong reputation for integrity, professionalism, and delivering results. Over his career, Sundeep has gained a wide breadth of experience across technology development, professional sales, customer service, and process excellence. He is adept at bringing innovative technology solutions to improve business results that focus on the needs of the customer. Sundeep believes strongly in developing long term relationships and living by a “win and help win” philosophy.